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I am a mother of 5 kids and I have been involved in swimming for over 19 years. I have taught lessons for 10 years. I have also been a synchronized swimming coach, lifeguard, swim bootcamp instructor and a competetive swimmer. I am CPR/First Aid certified, Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certified and Lifeguard trained.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Swim Lesson TIME !!!!!
Hello all my little swimmer friends!!! I can't believe its already that time of year again! I will be starting lessons the last week of April or first week of May depending on my pool temperature. This is my tentative schedule! Please feel free to pass my blog info along to friends. Lessons are 10 min private lessons except for stroke and swim team prep classes. I can add more classes and times as needed. Can't find a time that works for you? Email me and I will see what I can do. Lessons are Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks. 8 lessons per session $72. Private lessons and classes are the same price. Please email, call, or text me your name, phone number, your child's name, age, and the session and time you would like to sign up for :) Just a reminder that I do not do make up lessons :)

Session #1
April 28-May 8th
6:10-6:40 pm swim team prep Rock Whiting
6:40 Kenzie Lindholm
6:50 private lesson
7 Maddox

Session #2
May 12-22
12:40 Gavin Holan
12:50 Kylie Holan
1 Anna Militello
1:10 Marcus Militello
1:20 Alex Benore
1:30 Layla Benore
1:40 Chase jones
1:50 Katie Jones
2 Teddy Carlson
** Evening stroke and swim team prep class!!! This is a 30 min class.
6:10pm-6:40pm  Amy Jones ( can have up to 4 at this time )
6:40  Kenzie Lindholm
6:50 Vaughn Jones
7 Maddox

Session #3
May 26-June 5th
9 Bennett Harrison
9:10 Trent Harrison
9:20 Dane Harrison
9:30 Alex Benore
9:40 Aftynn Judd
9:50 Marcus Militello
10 Lyndsay Sollis
10:10 Lauren Sollis
10:20 Lyla Sollis
10:30 Chloe Harrison
10:40 Chloe Harrison
10:50 Alex Harrison
11 Katie Jones
11:10 Chase Jones
11:20 Marcus Militello
11:30 Anna Militello
11:40 Vaughn Jones
11:50 Kenzie Lindholm
12 Teddy Carlson

Session #4 **** This session will only have 7 lessons in it and will be $63
June 10-19
9 Gavin Lutz
9:10 Hayden Lutz
9:20 Aftyn Judd
9:30 Preston Coon
9:40 Lylah Coon
9:50 Alex Benore
10 Dane Harrison
10:10 Trent Harrison
10:20 Bennett Harrison
10:30 Katie Jones
10:40 Chase Jones
10:50 Teddy Carlson

Session #6
July 7-17
9 Alex Harrison
9:10 Alex Harrison
9:20 Chloe Harrison
9:30  Lyla Coons
9:40 Preston Coons
10 Maddox Dieden
10:10 Wyatt Whitfield
10:20 Lila Whitfield
10:30 Ella Preus
10:40 Jack Preus
10:50 Teddy Carlson

Aug 11-21

12:40 Maddox Dineen
12:50 Bork
1 Sierra Bork
1:10 Wyatt Whitfield
1:20 Navie Whitfield
1:30 Lila Whitfield
1:40  Teddy  Carlson

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Summer Swim Schedule!!!!

I'm so excited for this summer!!!
I have changed locations just a bit but its just a street difference. Still on Higley and Elliot. I am willing to add more classes depending on demand. Don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see a time that will work for you!
Class size has a limit of 4 kids.
8 classes Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs for 2 weeks $72.
I do not offer make up lessons. Private lessons and classes are the same price. Please send me an email stating your name, your childs name and age, your cell phone number and what session, class/time you would like. I will get back to you as soon as possible and your info will be updated here on my blog. or text 480-363-8342.

Session #1 May 20-May30
All these lessons are 10 min private lessons
11:40 Jones
11:50 Jones
12 Jones
12:10 Brody Seiber (May 27- June 3)
12:20 Brock Seiber (may 27-June 3)
12:30 Peyton Wald
12:40 Ty Munroe

Session #2 June 3- June 13
Private lessons:
8:40 Peyton Wald
8:50 Parris Adams
9 Ivy Adams
9:10 Cash Adams
9:20 Presley Adams
9:30 Hayden Lutz
9:40 Gavin Lutz
9:50 Lutz
10 Bree Harmon
10:10 Gabe Harmon 
10:20 McKay Harmon
10:40 Ty Munroe
10:50 Layla Benore
11 Alex Benore
11:10-11:40 Emily, Julia, Daniel, Halston
12:10 Brody Seiber (May 27- June 6)
12:20 Brock Seiber (may 27-June 6)

Session #3 July1-11* this session only has 7 lessons $63(no lessons on July 4th.)
***These lessons will be evening lessons!!!
Private lessons: 
5 Kenzi Lindholm
5:30 Nevaeh Roberts
5:40 Camille Polite
6 Layla Sollis
6:10 Lauren Sollis

6:30 Bentley Lindholm

Session #4 July15-25
Private Lessons:
9 Alex Benore
9:10 Layla Benore
9:30 Beginner plus
10 Beginner
10:30 Beginner
Private Lessons
11Chloe Harrison
11:10 Alex Harrison

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Swim Schedule

I will  be teaching swim lessons this summer. I wont have quite as many classes as in past years but I will be teaching. I will be updating my blog in the next couple days!!! Please check back!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


I have done a bit of revamping of lessons for this summer. I am changing back to a schedule that I think works out much better for the parent and the child. I will be offering lessons monday thru thursday for 2 weeks. It's wonderful to get kids in the water as much as possible as soon as possible to see them really advance. Prices have changed a little...yeah...I went up 70 cents a lesson...hope that doesn't scare anyone away! 8 lessons, a 2 week session, will be $72. I do not offer make up lessons. Classes may change depending on interest. Depending on water temperature my first session will start:

Session #1
May 7-17
9:15 beginner Claire Garcia, Elise Udall, Michael DeRudder, Brenli McEuin... Full
9:45beginner plus Max Udall, McKinley Oswald, Ava Green, Quincie Beecroft, Maryn Hansen
10:15 Private Lessons Jillian Green 10:25 Gavin Bates

Session #2

May 21-31 No lessons Memorial day May 28th.
9:15 beginner Elise Udall, Brenli McEuin, Claire Garcia
9:45 beginner plus Alison Stapley, Auburn Stapley, Max Udall
10:15 private lessons Tommy Keele

10:25 Preston Coon

10:35 Jillian Green

10:45 Quincie Beecroft , Ava Green

*Because of not having lessons one day this session will be $64.

*** Starting in June I will be offering a Synchronized Swimming class. We will learn the basics of synchro as well as learning a short routine. My daughter will be running a lot of the class...she swam competitivley for 3 years with the Arizona Desert Dolphins and went to nationals... I will be there to supervise and help out...I have coached synchro for 6 years.

Session #3
June 4-14
8 Beginner plus Matthew Mendenhal , Elliott Mendenhal, Joe Hall, Rosie Hall. *FULL
8:30 Private lessons Marilee Hall,Makenzie Gutierrez, Gracie Gutierrez *FULL
9 Private lessons Dylan schenk, Collin Morris * FULL
9:30 Private lessons Ethan Morris, Layla Benore, Jillian Green *FULL
10 Strokes Nadya Schenk, Nyomi Schenk, Eli Clark, German Clark, Ainsley Mendenhal. *FULL
10:30 Beginner Plus Ava Green, Quincie Beecroft , Max Udall, Alex Harrison, Chloe Harrison FULL
11 Private Lesson Elise Udall * FULL

Session #4 *** I will not be holding lessons on Tuesday June 19th. This session will Be $64.
June 18-28
8 private lessons 8:10 Mitchell Bergman 8:20 Gavin Wells
8:30 Beginner plus Quincie Beecroft, Ava Green, Eli Clark, Ella Haymore FULL
9 Strokes Halston Beecroft, German Clark, Max Haymore
9:30 Private lessons Shaynie Hendershott 9:40 Harlow Harman 9:50 Jillian Green FULL
10 Private lessons Quinn Kennedy 10:10 Bently Hendershott 10:20 Preston Coons FULL
10:30 Strokes Elliot Mendenhall, Matthew Mendenhall

Session #5
July 9-19
8 Beginner plus
8:30 Private lessons 8:40 Mitchell Bergman 8:50 Kingston Price
9 Private lessons Merrill Stapley 9:10 Cole Stapley 9:20 Grant Stapley FULL
9:30 Beginner plus Alex Harison, Chloe Harison
10 Strokes
10:30 Synchro Hallie Norman, Maia Norman, Kinsley Kriloff

Please send me a message telling me what class you would like your child in and what session etc. E-mail or text me 480-363-8342. My blog will always have the most up to date info. Payment will be due on the first class of the session. If you tell me you are coming to a class please come or let me know. I will be holding the space for you!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 summer swim lessons

Summer Swim Lessons in Gilbert!!! Cross roads Higley and Elliot!
I offer a variety of levels for your little swimmers. Beginner, Beginner Plus, Strokes and Private Lessons. Class size will be 3-4 kids. 2 classes per week for 3 weeks. Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs. $50 per 3 week session. Classes may change based on demand. Sessions are as follows:

Session 1
May 30 -June 16th
Monday / Wednesday
8-8:30 Beginner: Ava Greene, Maegan Volgelsburg, Colin Morris, Ethan Morris
8:30-9 Beginner Plus: McKinley Oswald, Sam Oswald
9-9:30 Beginner: Crew Bendixen, Porter Cluff, Hunter Cluff
9:30-10 Beginner Plus: , Lily Cluff, David Cluff, Lucy Trotter FULL
10-10:30 Beginner Private lessons 10 min each (same cost applies): Eddie Pepper, Maryn Hansen, Maddie Hansen ( 20 Min )
10:30-11 Strokes: Julia Myers, Emily Myers, Jonah Greer, Daniel Myers

Session 2
June 27- July 14
Monday / Wednesday
7:50 Crew Bendixen
8-8:30 Beginner: Colin Morris, Ethan Morris, Maegan Volgelsburg
8:30-9 Beginner Plus:
9-9:30 Beginner: Elle Rood, Maryn Hansen
9:30-10 Beginner Plus/ strokes:Maddy Hansen, Brigham Hansen,Jacob Hansen, Colton Hansen
10-10:30 Beginner Private lessons 10 min each (same cost applies): Preston Coon, Preston Helmholt, Ava Greene
10:30-11 Private lessons: Porter Cluff, Hunter Cluff, Eddie Pepper
9:30-10 Beginner
10-10:30 Strokes
10:30-11 Beginner Private lessons 10 min each

Session 3
July 25,26,27,28 August 1,2.
Monday / Wednesday
8-8:30 Beginner
8:30-9 Beginner Plus
9-9:30 Beginner
9:30-10 Beginner Plus
10-10:30 Beginner Private lessons 10 min each (same cost applies)
10:30-11 Strokes

Tuesday / Thursday EVENINGS!!!
I am available for lessons 6-7. Contact me for details.

Little or no previous water experience. Will learn to float both front and back, kick effectivly, blow bubbles and or put face in the water, arm strokes, monkey walk on the wall and become more comfortable in water.

Beginner Plus
Some water experience. Will work on all the beginner skills as well as breast stroke, back stroke,jumping in and swimming to the side, breathing, diving among other skills.

This class is designed for the better swimmer who would like to get better at all the strokes. This is a great class for swim team members or those who want more out of their swimming technique.

Private Lessons
This class is for younger children or children who have a fear of the water. This is a 10 minute 1 on 1 lessons. I can also do a longer private lesson contact me for details.

*** I also will come to your pool and do lessons there. You need to have at least 6 students. $54 per session (6 lessons). Contact me for available times.

I do not do make-up lessons.Please email or call me with any question's you may have about lessons! Spread the word!