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I am a mother of 5 kids and I have been involved in swimming for over 22 years. I have taught lessons for 11 years. I have also been a synchronized swimming coach, lifeguard, swim boot camp instructor, iron-man, and a competitive swimmer. I am CPR/First Aid certified, Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certified and Lifeguard trained.

Friday, April 21, 2017

 Swim Lesson Time!!!

Time to schedule Lessons!!!!! I will be teaching two sessions  this summer. 

May 29th-June 8

10:50 Teddy Mallory
11 Gemma Carlson 
11:10 Lylah Coon
11:20 Dane Harrison
11:30 Trent Harrison 
11:40 Juliana Ahlstrom
11:50 Brayden Ahlstrom
12 Lydia Ahlstrom
12:10 Maegan Macafee
12:20 Ella Macafee
12:30 Lyndsey Sollis
12:40 Tom Sollis
12:50 William Decker
1 Mikey Vogel

June 12-June 22

10:50  Wyatt Whitfield
11 Ryker Beecroft
11:10 Scarlett Mouser
11:20 Dane Harrison
11:30 Lylah Coon
11:40 Gemma Carlson
11:50 Teddy Mallory
12 Mikey Vogel
12:10 Simon Nielson
12:20 Everett Nielson
12:30 Valerie Nielson
12:40 Holland 
12:50 Sonnet

***** Please email me ( or text me (480-363-8342)
 To sign up I will need Child's name, your name, phone number, age and the time and session you want. Please give me two options if possible for times. Lessons are $72 for 8 lessons 10 min each. I have moved and am now located on Recker and Guadalupe. Please remember I do not give refunds or do make-up lessons. Cash or check at first lesson for the session.
I look forward to swimming with your kids this summer!!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Swim Lessons 2016

Due to a family emergency I will not be teaching lessons this summer!!!!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Preschool lessons!

Now that school is almost beginning I have lessons for those of you who have preschoolers and want a few more lessons after school is in session.  Lmk what times work best for you!!! I'll add more lessons if people are interested!!!

Aug 17-27
12 Angelina
12:10 Brooke
12:20 Wyatt Whitfield
12:30 Whitfield
1 Lindsay sollis

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Swim Lessons 2015

Swim Lessons 2015
Thank you all for being patient while I get updated!!!!! 
I am adding some April lessons and will do them as long as I have at least 6 students signed up. I can add more times if I need to. These lessons will still be private.
*All lessons are 1 on 1 for 10 minutes. 8 classes per session. Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks. $72 per session. After selecting your session, please text 480-363-8342 or email, with your child's names and ages,and your name and your contact information, as well as the dates you would like. I respond fastest to text. I will then update this blog and you will see your child's name in the time you asked for. EASY :)Pay the first day of lessons!!! Here we go....

April 20-30
11:20 Lexi Kempton
11:30 Brooklyn Kempton
11:40 Adam Kempton
12 AM Maddox Dineen
12:10 Kali Vega
12:20 Leonidas Leija
12:30 Oliver Smith
12:40 Emilia Corvalan
12:50 Max Corvalan
Teddy Mallory

May 4-14
10:40 Maddox Dineen
10:50 Adam Kempton
11 AM Brooklyn Kempton
11:10 Lexi Kempton  
11:20 Valerie Nielson
11:30 Simon Neilson
11:40 Dane Harrison
11:50 Trent Harrison
12 AM Silas Judd
12:10 Afton Judd
12:20 Addison Ray
12:30 Layla Sollis
12:40 Lauren Sollis
12:50 Lyndsey Sollis
1 Sarah Horsley
1:10 Kali Vega
1:20 Ella McAffee
1:30 Emi Corvalan
1:40 Teddy Mallory

June 1-11
10:50 chase jones
11 Katie jones
11:10 Maddox Dineen
11:20 Brooke
11:30 Jordan Woods
11:40 Kingston Woods
11:50 Angelina Woods
12 Mikey Vogel
12:10 Emi Corvalan
12:20 Max Corvalan
12:30 Trent Harrison
12:40 Dane Harrison
12:50 Bennett Harrison
1 Lexi Kempton
1:10 Brooklyn Kempton
1:20 Adam Kempton
1:30 Lylah Coons
1:40 Preston Coons
1:50 Teddy Carlson

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Swim Lesson TIME !!!!!
Hello all my little swimmer friends!!! I can't believe its already that time of year again! I will be starting lessons the last week of April or first week of May depending on my pool temperature. This is my tentative schedule! Please feel free to pass my blog info along to friends. Lessons are 10 min private lessons except for stroke and swim team prep classes. I can add more classes and times as needed. Can't find a time that works for you? Email me and I will see what I can do. Lessons are Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks. 8 lessons per session $72. Private lessons and classes are the same price. Please email, call, or text me your name, phone number, your child's name, age, and the session and time you would like to sign up for :) Just a reminder that I do not do make up lessons :)

Session #1
April 28-May 8th
6:10-6:40 pm swim team prep Rock Whiting
6:40 Kenzie Lindholm
6:50 private lesson
7 Maddox

Session #2
May 12-22
12:40 Gavin Holan
12:50 Kylie Holan
1 Anna Militello
1:10 Marcus Militello
1:20 Alex Benore
1:30 Layla Benore
1:40 Chase jones
1:50 Katie Jones
2 Teddy Carlson
** Evening stroke and swim team prep class!!! This is a 30 min class.
6:10pm-6:40pm  Amy Jones ( can have up to 4 at this time )
6:40  Kenzie Lindholm
6:50 Vaughn Jones
7 Maddox

Session #3
May 26-June 5th
9 Bennett Harrison
9:10 Trent Harrison
9:20 Dane Harrison
9:30 Alex Benore
9:40 Aftynn Judd
9:50 Marcus Militello
10 Lyndsay Sollis
10:10 Lauren Sollis
10:20 Lyla Sollis
10:30 Chloe Harrison
10:40 Chloe Harrison
10:50 Alex Harrison
11 Katie Jones
11:10 Chase Jones
11:20 Marcus Militello
11:30 Anna Militello
11:40 Vaughn Jones
11:50 Kenzie Lindholm
12 Teddy Carlson

Session #4 **** This session will only have 7 lessons in it and will be $63
June 10-19
9 Gavin Lutz
9:10 Hayden Lutz
9:20 Aftyn Judd
9:30 Preston Coon
9:40 Lylah Coon
9:50 Alex Benore
10 Dane Harrison
10:10 Trent Harrison
10:20 Bennett Harrison
10:30 Katie Jones
10:40 Chase Jones
10:50 Teddy Carlson

Session #6
July 7-17
9 Alex Harrison
9:10 Alex Harrison
9:20 Chloe Harrison
9:30  Lyla Coons
9:40 Preston Coons
10 Maddox Dieden
10:10 Wyatt Whitfield
10:20 Lila Whitfield
10:30 Ella Preus
10:40 Jack Preus
10:50 Teddy Carlson

Aug 11-21

12:40 Maddox Dineen
12:50 Bork
1 Sierra Bork
1:10 Wyatt Whitfield
1:20 Navie Whitfield
1:30 Lila Whitfield
1:40  Teddy  Carlson

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Summer Swim Schedule!!!!

I'm so excited for this summer!!!
I have changed locations just a bit but its just a street difference. Still on Higley and Elliot. I am willing to add more classes depending on demand. Don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see a time that will work for you!
Class size has a limit of 4 kids.
8 classes Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs for 2 weeks $72.
I do not offer make up lessons. Private lessons and classes are the same price. Please send me an email stating your name, your childs name and age, your cell phone number and what session, class/time you would like. I will get back to you as soon as possible and your info will be updated here on my blog. or text 480-363-8342.

Session #1 May 20-May30
All these lessons are 10 min private lessons
11:40 Jones
11:50 Jones
12 Jones
12:10 Brody Seiber (May 27- June 3)
12:20 Brock Seiber (may 27-June 3)
12:30 Peyton Wald
12:40 Ty Munroe

Session #2 June 3- June 13
Private lessons:
8:40 Peyton Wald
8:50 Parris Adams
9 Ivy Adams
9:10 Cash Adams
9:20 Presley Adams
9:30 Hayden Lutz
9:40 Gavin Lutz
9:50 Lutz
10 Bree Harmon
10:10 Gabe Harmon 
10:20 McKay Harmon
10:40 Ty Munroe
10:50 Layla Benore
11 Alex Benore
11:10-11:40 Emily, Julia, Daniel, Halston
12:10 Brody Seiber (May 27- June 6)
12:20 Brock Seiber (may 27-June 6)

Session #3 July1-11* this session only has 7 lessons $63(no lessons on July 4th.)
***These lessons will be evening lessons!!!
Private lessons: 
5 Kenzi Lindholm
5:30 Nevaeh Roberts
5:40 Camille Polite
6 Layla Sollis
6:10 Lauren Sollis

6:30 Bentley Lindholm

Session #4 July15-25
Private Lessons:
9 Alex Benore
9:10 Layla Benore
9:30 Beginner plus
10 Beginner
10:30 Beginner
Private Lessons
11Chloe Harrison
11:10 Alex Harrison

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Swim Schedule

I will  be teaching swim lessons this summer. I wont have quite as many classes as in past years but I will be teaching. I will be updating my blog in the next couple days!!! Please check back!!